One word can damage the reputation of your business. Like it or not, we live in a world where public opinion matters more than ever.

It is impossible to prevent your customers and employees from stating their opinions online. And until now, there has been little SME’s could do about it.

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RiskEye is a completely new offering. We monitor your business for reputational loss online with insurance built in.
This provides the funding for expert PR & Legal assistance should any eventual harm come to your business.

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One word can keep you awake at night.

One word can hurt.

One word can lose you customers.

One word can cost you PR or Legal fees.

Now, one word is all you need.


Powered by Global Leaders;

Cloud90 Risk Analysis, AIG Insurance Ltd,

Edelman PR and Johnsons Solicitors.

RiskEye monitor your Social Media channels. We use analysts in conjunction with our unique software 24/7/365.

RiskEye use real-time smart alerts to protect your brand online.

RiskEye provides seamless escalation to leading public relations and legal firms pre funded by our Reputation Guard Insurance Policy.

Underwritten by AIG Europe Ltd and administered in the Republic of Ireland by Glennon | Maximum cover €50,000

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A business’s reputation is its greatest, yet most intangible asset. As businesses expand their online activity they also increase the risk of online threats or attacks which can potentially lead to rapid and catastrophic reputational loss. The risk posed by employees or customers can be significant and one video clip distributed through social media can change or even destroy everything. The risk is particularly acute for Small and Medium Enterprises [SME] which have often spent years establishing a reputation for quality and reliability. RiskEye is a unique and innovative hybrid of existing services from four sectors:

online threat monitoring, reputation risk insurance and reputation protection through PR expertise along with Legal take downs of any defamatory content that may damage your online reputation. It provides constant monitoring to detect emerging on-line threats or attacks to the reputation of all businesses whether small, medium or large. Recognised threats are quickly stabilised and reduced/diminished using the services of public/media relations  & legal specialists. These are paid for by your insurance policy which, we have built into the service through  RiskEye Reputation Guard Insurance underwritten by AIG Europe Ltd and administered in Republic of Ireland by Glennon.

A great relief, everytime somebody complained on Facebook I took it personally. I now have the peace of mind and the assurance that somebody is helping me protect my reputation and business properly.


Because we are a service business the only assets we really have are our credibility and reputation. We don’t have resources to constantly monitor social media to see if there is anything negative being expressed about us and if a problem arises, we can’t divert our income generating activities just to deal with it.


Even one person making a negative comment on social media could cause havoc by taking up our time by it moving on to different levels and in different ways that we don’t know anything about. This is why I love RiskEye.