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Why Join RiskEye

Online Threats can come from any angle at any time. The internet doesn’t sleep and neither does RiskEye – our dedicated team are by your side 24/7.


RiskEye reputation guard is a fully regulated insurance product underwritten by AIG Europe Ltd.

What is RiskEye

Monitoring, Insurance, PR & Legal all provided in a seamless package ensuring your business is protected 24/7 from online harm.


If you’re going to deliver the best you must work with the best. Our PR team are world class.


Understanding risks takes more than algorithms, it takes real people’s experience.


Not every bad review can be removed, working with the best legal minds, we know what can.

How Can We Help You


We share with you our expertise and advice and warn you about emerging threats. We provide insurance backed public/media relations and legal advice to mitigate where harm occurs.


Positive customer feedback is an asset to any business but unfair and untrue feedback still counts. Using our knowledge of platform policies we can assist in the removal of false and unfair reviews.


Working alongside global experts, RiskEye specialists are available 24/7 to guide customers on the best steps to take following a reputation crisis online to prevent any further risk.

Our Products


This service is designed for businesses who use a lot of closed private networks which cannot be monitored and still require the risk protection and mitigation services. For example; LinkedIn and Instagram.

24/7 Inbound Crisis Hotline

No monitoring service provided

AIG Europe Ltd cover of


for specified legal and or PR.

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Reading and live analysis of your Twitter and Facebook fan page to analyse risk 24/7.

Live alerts by email or text

24 hour helpline customer service advice and support

AIG Europe Ltd cover of


for specified legal and PR mitigation when harm occurs

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Reading and live analysis of you Twitter, Facebook fan page, mainstream media news sites, blogs/forums, YouTube, Vimeo, local media, radio and websites to analyse risks 24/7.

Self notification for closed networks where privacy setting do not allow us access.

Live alerts by email or text

24 hour helpline for advice and customer support

AIG Europe Ltd cover of


for specified legal and PR mitigation when harm occurs

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What Our Customers Are Saying


Take Downs

Many businesses now open up their Online Reputation to the public, giving customers the opportunity to share their honest experiences, positive or negative, with the rest of the world. However, this public space also grants the opportunity for disgruntled and dishonest customers to post unfair, negative, or totally untrue reviews, with potentially disastrous consequences for businesses.

Here at RiskEye, we work with great success on a daily basis in dealing with such reviews that breach a variety of different content policies across online platforms, restoring businesses reputation in the process. In this video you will find a number of unfair reviews that we successfully removed.

Do you have an unfair review that you think should be removed? Simply click the button below and fill in our contact form to find out how we can help.

Businesses Concerned By Online Reviews…Can Anything Be Done?

The importance of Online Reviews for businesses is growing exponentially. For many, a presence on a review site is a fantastic way to be endorsed and receive feedback from valued customers. Yet at the same time, Online Reviews represent a tremendous concern and risk...
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RiskEye talks at Social Media Summit

RiskEye talks at 2017 Social Media Summit RiskEye attended & spoke at last week’s 2017 Social Media Summit at the legendary Croke Park in Dublin. Nicola offered advice on how to handle escalating crises online and warned those in attendance of the risks of...
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Online Engagement …and Threats Continue To Grow

Online Engagement …and Threats Continue To Grow The importance of digital in business and more specifically, Social Media, is growing exponentially. Yet the risk of being involved in this space without adequate protection remains. A recent report conducted by...
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RiskEye visit London’s Ice Bar

RiskEye visit London’s Ice Bar RiskEye were present on January 17th at the London Chamber of Commerce’s very 1st Networking Event of 2017 – New Year Networking at the one and only Ice Bar London in Soho.  Although the setting was cold – the...
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RiskEye interviewed by Channel NewsAsia

RiskEye interviewed by Channel NewsAsia RiskEye’s Sarah Holland interviewed by Channel NewsAsia on the impact of Brexit on RiskEye and beyond, as well as a discussion on the creation of a visa scheme designed to allow greater flexibility for London and other...
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Get your free social media policy

How to Write a Social Media Policy Click to Get Your Free Social Media Policy Template Your employees are your biggest asset, but they can also be a huge risk to your business. Let’s take a look at what can go wrong on social media, and how you can create a social...
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Trump destroying brand with reputation

Is Trumps Reputation Damaging Trump the Brand? Donald Trump has created a billion dollar empire through endless self-promotion. His reputation of having a glamorous lifestyle and personality has formed his distinctive trademark. Trump considers this reputation alone a...
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To Be Online Or Not To Be Online

To Be Online Or Not To Be Online Although many businesses have opted to put their businesses online using websites and social media platforms, up to a quarter have no online presence at all. A recent study by ComRes showed that 24% of London firms have no online...
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Don’t Destroy Your Own Reputation Online

How to Protect Yourself Against a Self-Inflicted Reputational Disaster All businesses strive to achieve the best balance between what they want to project or sell alongside captivating and persuading the widest audience. These two elements can be conflicting if the...
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Not On Social Media? You’re Still At Risk

No Social Media Presence? Your Reputation is Still Vulnerable Why are businesses being put off using social media? You might assume that because your brand or business is not on social media your reputation will not be vulnerable on social media. This does not account...
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Reputation Risks In Retail

The Retail Sector is Vulnerable to Reputation Risks When it comes to the retail sector, reputation is everything. Your companies reputation is what will drive customers to your store. Unfortunately, this can be quite difficult for a retailer to control as there is...
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Famous Cyber Attacks – Lessons Learned

High Profile Data Breaches – Lessons Learned One of the most high profile data breaches of our time has been the Ashley Madison data breach that made headlines worldwide. The controversial nature surrounding this site made it a hot topic on media streams...
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Protect Yourself Against Online Abuse

How Can You Protect Yourself From Harassment and Bullying Online? Social media is a great way for businesses and individuals to connect with a much wider network and community. Businesses are able to advertise their products and services beyond the traditional methods...
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Reputation is Vital to Universities & Schools

Reputation is Key to the Success of Universities and Schools A poor reputation directly impacts Universities and Schools by; A decrease in academic ranking and league tables. Prospective parents and students look to league tables to understand how the institution has...
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How to Respond to Reviews Correctly

Responding to Reviews in the Right Way Will Ensure You are Protecting Your Reputation Did You Know? Our Quick...
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Franchise Reputation Management

Franchise Reputation Management Social Media & Your Reputation Social media has created an environment that places an increased burden upon the Franchisees. Customers are reviewing products and services through social media at an unprecedented rate. If one...
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In Hospitality? Protect your Reputation.

In Hospitality? Protect your Reputation. Be proactive about your reputation. Ensure your business achieves and keeps a great reputation. Within the hospitality industry it is vital to maintain a great reputation. A poor reputation equals poor sales volumes, bad...
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Don’t Be Reactive, Be Proactive – De-risk Your Business Today

Don’t Be Reactive, Be Proactive – De-risk Your Business Today How many of us subconsciously worry about the potential risks to our businesses in the online world? It’s like an itch you can’t scratch. You know there are threats and risks out there but you don’t know...
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