Online Reputation Security. Defined.

Online threats, particularly social media threats, are emerging as one of the biggest challenges to organisations globally.

85% of customers refer to online reviews and content before choosing to buy.

We are working with Aviva to provide a comprehensive structured process to protect businesses of every size.

We understand that online threats and risks that are managed, monitored and mitigated, ensure both online and offline reputations are protected.

Why do I need reputation security?

When a business is vulnerable to, or has suffered reputational threats or attacks, the unseen consequences can be detrimental in so many ways aside from loss of name or brand.

These can include: loss in revenue, loss of shareholder value and loss in customer confidence among others.

Our experience has enabled us to identify what can acause you and your business the most harm.

These include; employees, malicious competitors and disgruntled customers.

Aviva working in conjuction with RiskEye are taking a significant step forward in dealing with this risk and enhancing the protection available to organisations who value their brand and reputation. With 24/7 monitoring of all data using real people, RiskEye has your online presence protected.

What we provide

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Got a question?

We answer some of our most frequently asked questions below.

What is the difference between RiskEye & Google Alerts

Google Alerts will match your business or brand name with online mentions. It cannot however understand content or context. For example, Google Alerts will not detect the risk in a picture when the text is innocuous, or detect the risk when it’s within a secondary link on a post and the text of the post is no risk. Neither will it identify the risk when the context is sarcasm or irony. Our experienced risk analysts read all the data, all the images, all the links and all the language inflections 24/7.

Can you watch everything being said online?

No one can watch everything. If it is publicly accessible, RiskEye can watch and read all of that data. If an online platform does not want anyone to read its data e.g. TripAdvisor, LinkedIn, Facebook Reviews, then it is not possible for any third party to read that data.

If this service can't monitor certain online areas how can it protect customers?

RiskEye has learnt from experience that the risk will always come to you. We will detect threats once they begin to reach the community of people or businesses who are its customers or suppliers. Once they can see it, we can act. Even if we cannot read specific data, we are able to provide our customers with swift, targeted and effective mitigation. If rules or T&Cs have been broken, or legal boundaries have been breached, we are able to remove and lessen that harm.