Franchise Reputation Management

Social Media & Your Reputation

Social media has created an environment that places an increased burden upon the Franchisees.

Customers are reviewing products and services through social media at an unprecedented rate.

If one Franchisee performs badly then all Franchisees can be tainted with the same bad press and reputation. This can cause long term damage to you business.

Protect your reputation across the whole franchise

Develop a reputation management strategy across the Franchise group.

Develop a social media policy that ensures consistency across the Franchise group so all Franchise holders can collectively and consistently follow the same approach.

Ensure consistency within the compliance framework across the Franchise group.

Monitoring across the whole franchise

Between monitoring social media, ad campaigns, blog comments and mentions across the whole internet, you could spend 100% of your time trying to monitor.

To be successful in managing your reputation and the the rest of the Franchise groups reputation, it will be imperative to employ a method of monitoring.

It is preferable to engage with a company that offers a 24/7 approach to monitoring and one that listens to all the conversations across all of the social media platforms and internet (see

If you are listening to the content about the franchise online and one of the Franchisees or the Franchise brand becomes subject to a crisis, a quick decisive action plan should be mobilised. You may require legal, PR and financial assistance to minimise the extent of the crisis. RiskEye will step up to this challenge, providing you with all of this assistance to minimise the reputational damage to your brand.