RiskEye Reputation Guard Overview

This insurance is provided by AIG Europe Ltd and is arranged by Glennon. The policy provides protection up to a maximum of £50,000 and the premium is £120 inclusive of government taxes and levies. This premium is included in the overall RiskEye subscription and will be collected and remitted to Glennon and AIG.


The policy provides cover, up to a maximum of £50,000 , in the event that following an online reputation attack there is a requirement for PR and / or Legal intervention. The level of intervention is determined by service level agreements in place with the insurers and the PR and Legal advisors. As an insured you will not have to take any specific action to trigger the cover as a matter escalates. This will happen automatically based on the pre-agreed service level agreements. This process ensures that the protection is immediately available which is important in what will be a fast moving situation.


As an insured you will receive your own individual policy document which sets out all the policy terms and conditions – (more info)