What Are The Risks?


 Smartphones, the viral nature of the Internet and lack of skills in dealing with complaints via social media all contribute to this risk from within


Review sites give customers unprecedented opportunity to vent their frustrations, with severe consequnces financially for many businesses


Social Media and Forums offer a tremendous platform for Whistleblowers and Ex-Employees to significantly damage businesses’ reputations


 Review Sites grant compeititors the chance to defame a rival’s services, at the same time promoting their own, under the veil of anyonymity



Misconduct in the Smartphone Era

Several major corporations in recent years have suffered greatly as a result of employee misconduct. Often, employees are unaware of the damage they are about to cause. One “funny” Tweet or “tongue-in-cheek” private video can soon spread around the office. At this stage, the risk is incredibly high of the video spreading from the private to the public domain. Today, everyone has the ability to capture, publish and spread content instantaneously to multiple platforms. The potential for damage to businesses’ reputations is significant and growing.

RiskEye Says : 100% De-Risking is impossible. Comprehensive protection is not.  With the ability to de-risk content on both public and private networks through removal or mitigation, 24/7 support and comprehensive monitoring, RiskEye is the only rational solution for businesses. 


Inappropriate Response

The world has moved quickly in recent decades. Many businesses have excelled in certain areas, despite struggling in others. In our experience, many businesses wield limited control internally over the conversations their employees have with customers online.

Countless examples exist of businesses responding to customer feedback with the incorrect tone, often creating a crisis from a situation that could have been dealt with and fully mitigated at its inception.

RiskEye Says : With access to Edelman PR’s expertise, RiskEye has an excellent record in helping our clients respond appropriately, turning a potential crisis into a potential opportunity.

For many of our clients, what used to be a real burden soon becomes a much more positive experience – a welcome change that soon rubs off on their happy customers!



The Power of Reviews

Today consumers overwhelmingly take to review sites and Social Media to make their complaints heard, replacing the traditional forums such as the local newspaper or radio station. Social Media and Review Sites give consumers even greater power, due to their accessibility, viral possibilities and, crucially the power to grant consumers virtual anonymity.

Untrue Reviews Affect Businesses Significantly

As a result, many businesses are at a loss with reviewers feeling indestructible. Some reviewers even take to posting completely unsubstantiated claims, as revenge, or even just for amusement. Without protection, these reviews go unchallenged, affecting businesses financially beyond mere reputation damage.  

RiskEye Says : Any businesses’ unmonitored Social Media channel/Review Site is a crisis waiting to happen. RiskEye goes one step further, providing monitoring and protection. Our experience allows us to identify any post that could represent a reputation crisis for your business, and we will endeavour to either remove the post completely where possible, or reduce the harm.  

Whistleblowers & Ex-Employees

Customers are not the only threat to your businesses reputation. In our experience, many threats arise from internal disputes or issues, whether it be a dissatisfied existing employee or a disgruntled former employee out for revenge. Dedicated whistle-blowing sites give these individuals an unprecedented feeling of invincibility, due to the feeling of being part of a community and the possibilities for their experiences to go viral.

RiskEye Says : Whistle-Blowing sites and the possibility of a disgruntled ex-employee becoming active online represents a great risk for businesses. RiskEye has rich experience identifying untrue and damaging claims made online. We have outstanding success rates responding successfully to them, whether via Legal removal or PR mitigation. RiskEye makes it possible to significantly reduce the likelihood of reputation harm.


Competitors can also present significant reputational risks to businesses. Competitors have the motive, attempting to denigrate their rivals, boosting their own image in the process, with the internet providing the means due to the possibility to remain anonymous.

Mal-intentioned competitors have even been known to sponsor individuals to write poor reviews of a rival, before promoting their own business, causing significant brand damage as a result. Many business owners are of the opinion that little can be done in this scenario.

RiskEye Says : With unrivalled experience in identifying competitor attacks, intimate knowledge of what can and can’t be dealt with based on each sites’ content policies and access to Edelman’s expertise in forming an appropriate response, RiskEye is the complete solution in exposing and successfully dealing with suspected competitors.

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