RiskEye product will be available to brokers and underwritten by AIG from 1 May.

A product designed to help SMEs protect their online reputation has been launched by RiskEye.

The product is due to be launched for brokers on 1 May. The company said in a statement: “Driven by the lack of balance for businesses on line, RiskEye looked at how large corporates dealt with their reputation online we saw that SME’s couldn’t afford to monitor let alone pay for a public relations firm or a lawyer.”

The model, entitled RiskEye Reputation Guard, uses special software to monitor SMEs digital presence and if harm is detected Edelman PR and Johnson Solicitors are available to mitigate any damage. The service is underwritten by AIG in the UK and Ireland.

RiskEye said that prices for the product start at £360 per year and added: “Online risks can come from any source. Employees stealing Facebook logins to customers who turn abusive, we have customers threatened with the line ‘I’ll destroy you on Facebook’ and we are there 24/7 to assist them in de-risking and to provide best expert help 24/7 – all covered by a low cost subscription to the service.”