What is RiskEye?

Reputation risk online is emerging as the number one risk of 2017. RiskEye is the complete solution to meet this threat.

Monitoring, Insurance, PR & Legal all provided in a seamless package ensuring your business is protected 24/7 from online harm.

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Understanding risks takes more than algorithms, it takes real people’s experience.

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RiskEye reputation guard is a fully regulated insurance product underwritten by AIG Europe Ltd.

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If you’re going to deliver the best you must work with the best. Our PR team are world class.

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Not every bad review can be removed, working with the best legal minds, we know what can.

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The internet is a complex highway of infinite data. Monitoring it is more complicated than you might think. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and TripAdvisor do not allow external sources to monitor their data. We have created 3 different products that recognise these realities, giving you comprehensive cover and solutions to protect your brand.

Advantage – Full Monitoring

We use key words to collect data from an extensive range of sources online. Everything from Mainstream Media, TV, Press, Blogs, Forums, Twitter, Facebook and many more. Our risk analysts read all data collected 24/7. We don’t use algorithms to filter the data before the analyst sees it – the aim is to capture every risk. For example where a tweet contains a link to another source of data we follow that link, something an algorithm can’t do.

Standard – Monitoring Facebook & Twitter

We read your Facebook Fan Page and/or Twitter feed 24/7. Companies using Facebook and Twitter as a communications channel and/or a customer service channel are more exposed to risk. This monitoring does not cover all of Twitter or Facebook, only your channel on them.

Starter – Self Notification

This package is primarily for companies who use a number of closed networks such as Facebook groups, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor etc. This option requires you to call us immediately upon identification of a risk.


Reputation Guard

This insurance is provided by AIG Europe Ltd and is arranged by Glennon. The policy provides protection up to a maximum of £50,000 and the premium is £120 inclusive of government taxes and levies. This premium is included in the overall RiskEye subscription and will be collected and remitted to Glennon and AIG Europe Limited.

The policy comes into affect in the event that following an online reputation attack, there is a clear requirement for PR and / or Legal intervention. The level of intervention is determined by service level agreements in place with the insurers and the PR and Legal Advisers. As an insured you will not have to take any specific action to trigger the cover as a matter escalates. This will happen automatically based on the pre agreed service level agreements.

This process ensures that the protection is immediately available, a crucial element considering these scenarios are often fast-moving.

As an insured you will receive your own individual policy document which sets out all the policy terms and conditions – (policy document)

Public Relations

We have found a risk. What now?

First we evaluate the risk with yourselves and, depending on the nature and severity of the threat, either escalate towards PR support or, in more serious cases, explore the possibility of a Legal Takedown – total removal of content off the internet. Occasionally, both PR and Legal support are required. 

We know that getting to the problem quickly is half the battle. Awareness and evaluation of the threat is key to the solution.

Often, PR support provides a comprehensive suggested response and a clear, actionable strategy for dealing with the issue without external involvement. Sometimes, it is necessary to tackle the situation more pro-actively through press releases, media training and support. Sometimes a more passive approach is suitable. PR solutions are individualised to each risk.


What is defamation? – The action of damaging the good reputation of someone.

This is a difficult and grey area, not just for us, even for the lawyers. The internet has given rise to a huge amount of defamation. Social media power houses are working hard to deal with millions of complaints in this area daily.

RiskEye use the legal team where we believe we can get content down. This includes when the risk has breached the T&C’s of an individual site or where the law has been broken. The insurance policy covers the issuing of formal complaints and letters on your behalf. Where it is not possible to remove the content we use PR to mitigate the harm.