Why are businesses being put off using social media?

You might assume that because your brand or business is not on social media your reputation will not be vulnerable on social media. This does not account for the fact that your customers, clients, competitors and potential customers might all be on social media. They are potentially all discussing your brand and therefore your reputation on open public platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

A business may have already tried and experimented with social media but the positive results they expected for their business have not materialised. They may have experienced; Negative comments or feedback, Negative publicity, Wasted budget for mistargeted ads, Bad word of mouth exposure, Inadequate preparation to account for increased demand following a social media campaign
If a business chooses not to engage with social media as a platform for enhancing its brand awareness, sales or reputation, it seriously disadvantages itself. The statistics on the infographic highlight the level of engagement potential customers have with businesses through social media. 90% of businesses see increased exposure and more than half report improved sales from social media.
A 2012 McKinsey Global Institute Report concluded that social media stood to unlock $1.3 trillion in business value. The potential for business growth and expansion is incalculable. Marketing, is just one way to use social media for a business. Social media can be used to streamline customer service for shopping and commerce, for product development, sales and HR. Social applications like Facebook at Work and Slack, meanwhile have changed working patterns, thus boosting productivity.

Should you take the plunge & go online?

Yes, however, you need a plan to ensure that the disadvantages outlined above will not happen to your business. Each social platform appeals to different potential customers depending on factors such as age, gender, profession etc. If it is important to your business to connect with the widest possible customer base then you should sign up to them all – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. However, it is really important that you complete your business profile on these sites fully and correctly. You also need to ensure that you actively monitor your sites.

Incomplete data and inactivity will alienate potential customers and give them cause to talk negatively on your sites and their own. Most people do not have time to actively monitor their sites 24/7, that is why we at RiskEye complete this service for you. We take care of your online reputation to ensure your presence on social media is rewarding for you and your business. If you are being monitored then you can positively encourage customer engagement. Listening and speaking to your current and potential customers through comments and reviews, ensures you know what your customers want and how you can continually improve your business.