Are you aware of what you are sharing online? What you share, how much you share and with whom are important questions you should ask yourself every time before posting online.


There are multiple layers to social engineering that jeopardize your privacy;

  • Private information like your location, which you may have shared through event tagging or by clicking the default suggested location
  • Specific details like your phone number or address, openly shared on posts or through an apps request
  • Opinions – everyone has the freedom to express but overly sharing damaging or polarising views, may alienate a prospective employer or prospective business partner
  • Photographs, Videos or Live Streamed content can all capture a moment that in hindsight you would rather not have online for ever.

There are steps you can take today that will help reduce your risk. Update and check all of your app security settings to ensure you are not inadvertently publishing personal data. Go back through your apps and delete or remove any tags, images or posts that in hindsight you would rather not be online. Always think very clearly about what you are going to say or post before you commit it to the online space.


Take a look at our useful Infographic about further risks to you and your customers