Sector: SME – independent 5 star hotel and spa


Online threat:

An active troll decides to target a popular hotel and spa following mainstream media publication of salary payments in the hospitality sector, demanding a public statement via social media and repeatedly tagging national media outlets in order to damage the hotels online reputation.

RiskEye response:

RiskEye detects the risk within seconds, and immediately contacts the hotel, recommending a strategy to mitigate the reputational threat through detection and removal. When the issue escalates to the national media, the RiskEye Reputation Guard policy enables the client to access highly effective PR support to counter the illegitimate claims and restore the hotel’s reputation.

Client benefit:

The reputational risk to the client is rapidly identified, and as a result of the Reputation Guard policy, the impact is mitigated and the hotel’s reputation is restored. Ongoing risk tracking is implemented to ensure the client is immediately aware of any repeat activity.