Is it likely that your patients can over share on the internet?

In this always on world, people share information that previously was kept private

GP’s why do you need online reputation security?


Today the internet poses a unique threat to General Practitioners.  With the internet becoming a place where people share their immediate thoughts and opinions online without an editor between them and the publishing of content.   A visit to the doctor is now something that is no longer between two people it can become a story where friends and family all become experts due to the sharing of personal data by patients online.  It is important that you have a safetly net for when the story becomes harmful to you and your practice.


At RiskEye we understand the complexity of the online world.  Having knowledge of the rules of platforms, the laws of the jurisdiction and know how complex a relationship between a doctor and patient can be, we work with GP’s to ensure your reputation is protected.


To get you started on your RiskEye journey we have created a special price on the Resolution Package for GP’s so that you will have all the expertise you need to hand if and when harm occurs online.





Things we do best


Acting effectively.

Without the relevant experience and expertise it is easy to take the wrong course of action.  An incorrect response can amplify the impact in seconds.  We’re here to help you get it right, that’s what we do all day everyday.


Taking content down.

The platform rules and legal obligations relating to online content are complex and evolving. We know and understand both, which gives us a clear advantage when applying for removal of fake, untrue and malicious content.


The cost is covered.

Our service ensures that mitigation costs are covered from removal to legal and PR support.  This provides the peace of mind that you can act to protect your reputation without the worry of how much will it all cost. That’s why we created RiskEye Reputation Guard with AIG to keep you safe online.


To get you started on your RiskEye journey protect yourself today with our introductory price of €499 for our resolution only package!




Dr Michael Flynn


Doctor Michael Flynn

Doctor 1.618

You can never underestimate how important reputation is.  Having a team that has worked so hard to build up our clients it would be unthinkable is somebody set out to destroy us online.  We were delighted to signup to RiskEye in 2016 and can rest easy knowing that we are protected.

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