Welcome to our new look Quarterly Report.

We aim to bring you more insight into how your business is perceived online and provide you with a wealth of tips, hints and knowledge.


Welcome to your Quarterly Report.

We aim to bring you more insight into how your business is perceived online and provide you with a wealth of tips, hints and knowledge to equip and protect you online


During the last quarter we have read over 25,000 posts, comments, photographs, videos and live streamed data. Our customers have seen a 9% increase in content that has been a risk to them.  By providing both a 24/7 risk tracking service and a 24/7 contact centre, our customers are reassured that we have their online presence covered. To put it into the words of one of our customers “Its social media peace of mind”.

Total Online Content Read by Priority Type

Changes at Google Affecting Infringing Content Removal


From the 22nd January Google Ireland Ltd became the ‘service provider’ for users based in the EEA and Switzerland for most of their consumer services – from search, email, maps and many more.

In essence Google Ireland is now the ‘Data Controller’ legally responsible for EEA and Swiss users’s information.    In addition to this very public announcement, RiskEye are noticing a number of changes to Google’s internal processes.

The one that affects our clients the most relates to the removal of negative reviews from Google map locations.  From now on, Google no longer ‘guarantee action’ if a review is flagged from a public space.  A business will now need to flag a review they think is unfair, untrue or defaming, from their ‘Google My Business’ account.  They will not engage with us or those businesses until 3 days after this is done.

This change will not affect our own attempts at removing this infringing content for our clients. Should you require content to be removed, we will walk you through the process.



#hellotokindness is gaining traction globally with many celebrities and influential people endorsing the campaign.  The aim of the campaign is to remove the ‘rot’ from social media interactions and to educate people on what is and is not acceptable.

It goes back to the old adage that if you don’t have anything nice to say – say nothing at all.  It aims to bring back some basic human decency and to reinforce that there is a human being at the receiving end of their comments.

Lets hope that it invokes a change in behaviour that will benefit all online users and businesses.

If you would like to read more about this campaign, click here, or look up the hashtag on your social media platforms for the latest contributions.

How Safe is Your Personal Data on Facebook? 


There are numerous reports online that suggest Facebook is again coming under fire regarding its privacy settings. Users discovered when they had provided their phone numbers for two factor authentication, someone unconnected to their account could use their number to view their face book profile. Facebook actively urge its users to enroll in the two factor authentication process. It has been reported that even if a user changes their privacy settings so that only “friends” or “friends of friends” can look up their profile, the company’s default settings reportedly automatically allow everyone on the Internet to find the profile using the phone number. And there is reportedly no way to opt out.

Although this has not been corroborated by Facebook, this highlights the need for caution when signing up for any service and careful consideration regarding the personal information you impart when doing so. We would urge all clients to review their security settings as a precautionary measure.

 What Does RiskEye Mean to You?


We would love to hear from our customers about what RiskEye means to you. By understanding what matters we are able to improve our practices and processes and pass on these benefits to you. If you have 2 minutes please click here to complete our survey.




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