Welcome to our new look Quarterly Report.

We aim to bring you more insight into how your business is perceived online and provide you with a wealth of tips, hints and knowledge.


Welcome to our new look Quarterly Report.

We aim to bring you more insight into how your business is perceived online and provide you with a wealth of tips, hints and knowledge to equip and protect you online


During the last quarter we have read over 19,000 posts, comments, photographs, videos and live streamed data. The online space has seen a general increase in areas of risk and high profile individuals and organisations have been widely reported during this time frame. Our customers risk exposure has slightly decreased within the high risk category but increased in the medium risk category;



Is Social Media a Hostile Place to conduct business?

About 3 billion people across the world use social media. Global corporations like Google, Facebook and Twitter have produced a seductive set of online products that we can’t help but be drawn into. Our personal lives and work lives are now inextricably linked by social media and the online world.

We are more engaged than ever before using the online world for shopping, banking, dating, reading, watching movies, learning, leisure, networking, advertising, selling, marketing and providing customer service. That is a lot of activity and a lot of our time.

We are beginning to see the effects of this engagement on our time commitment, mental health issues such as stress levels, anxiety, harassment and bullying. This is not just in our personal space but in our work lives too.

When your business operates in both physical spaces like restaurants, bars, hotels and offices and also after hours in the online world, your life can seem like 24 hours of work. If you are answering bookings, queries, complaints and dealing with malicious assaults through competitors and disgruntled employees you might be forgiven for feeling under siege – this can be a hostile place.

So, you’re working in a 24 hour cycle, feeling overwhelmed and worried about staying ahead of the curve to keep your business in profit and guarded from crisis. What can you do to achieve more balance?


Oversight of your Online Business 

Your employees can be your biggest asset and also your biggest risk. Unless you determine the framework and boundaries for your online business, your employees will all represent your business from their own perspective.

Your business should have a clear and communicated social media policy, that details how you expect employees to behave online and the company tone you want adopted.

You should designate one or two people at the most to have access to the company social media platforms and ensure an editor has oversight and final say.


Crisis Plan 

Even if you are the most prepared and adopt all the measures to protect, there will inevitably be an event you didn’t see coming. You will need to know how to respond in a crisis. This is definitely a place for those professionally trained. Early mis steps and errors in judgement can have a detrimental long term effect on your businesses reputation and ultimate bottom line. The steps to remember when you think you might be in or heading to a crisis are;


Speed – contact us as soon as you know something might be an issue. The quicker we can deal with an issue the more successful we are likely to be at resolving and mitigating it.

Information – take down as much information surrounding the event as possible. Take screen shots or photographs of anything online that might be later deleted.

Step Back – Let us do our job and help resolve the issue. If you become embroiled in the issue and emotionally charged it will only exacerbate and escalate the issue.


Emotional Balance

If you leave the office at 5 then you should leave the online office too. Staying connected and never unplugging will burn you out. You can never operate at your best when you are tired, over involved and not delegating. You are likely to make errors in judgement and react to online events rather than be reflective and balanced.

Make sure you have oversight, have the right people doing the right jobs and know when to step out of an issue which should be handed over to a professional.


 Stay connected and knowledgeable

You should always know what is being said so you are able to mitigate or resolve an issue. Ensuring that your staff are equipped to deal with online issues and know exactly the responses that should be given should be a priority. Customer service online is the same as customer service offline. Genuine customers and enquirers want to be treated respectfully, in a timely manner and conclusively.

That being said, you can’t possible listen to everything and on a 24/7 basis. This is precisely when you employ RiskEye to track all conversations and notify you to any risk. We will educate you so that your online knowledge is impeccable, find any risk and mitigate any resultant problems.



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From the health of your overall business online to the specific strategies and tools you need to make the best use of the online space. We can work with you and your team, providing an in depth analysis and practical strategy for forward ongoing protection.


Out of Hours Customer Service Responses

No business should be attempting to answer queries and issues after business hours as well as perform their role during business hours. We work with you to provide a customised response framework tailored to your business and our team of specially trained risk analysts seamlessly take over out of hours. Our 24/7 365 operation means you never miss an online query or issues again.



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