RiskEye offers the unique ability to protect online reputation.

We use a combination of pioneering technology and an expert team of risk analysts to track your online presence and the potential risks posed by online posts, including comments, pictures and videos.

By tracking your online presence 24/7, posts are immediately detected and reviewed in context, by an analyst who assesses each post to determine whether it is harmless, a threat, a risk, or an imminent attack. With a risk assessment carried out, an appropriate and timely response is made, every time.



We watch.

Our risk analysts use pioneering technology to track your online presence and they assess every post for threats 24/7/365.  Understanding risk is our business.


We alert.

Threats and imminent risks are communicated immediately to you by SMS or email and in high risk situations will telephone you directly.


We act.

Where necessary we act to address threats and to mitigate any impact.  Our insurance backing means that you have funds to deal with any issues immediately.


We watch while you work

We track risk around the clock, 365 days a year. From your Facebook and Twitter profiles, to a comprehensive review of online media, blogs and forums, we are your eyes and ears in the online space.

We use a combination of our own pioneering technology and expert risk analysts to review each and every post, and to detect and assess whether comments are harmless, threats, risks or imminent attacks.

Our analysts ensure context is properly understood and the appropriate risk assessment is made to any perceived threat – ensuring you are protected by real people, not algorithms.

We offer three protection packages to choose from, depending on your potential exposure to risk and budget.


We alert you rapidly to any online risk

Working in real time, we stop threats from becoming unrecoverable events.

We will inform you by SMS, email or telephone the moment a risk is identified, noting the severity of the risk, and recommendations on how to proceed.

We initiate a protection protocol customised to each event to immediately address the threat and to prevent escalation to protect your online reputation.

 We act to protect you from harm

Our team is experienced in dealing with every form of online risk. We use the knowledge we have built up over time alongside expert input from our legal and PR partners to address risks and mitigate their impact.

We use our legal and online platform policy expertise to pursue rapid ‘take-down’ of illegal, untrue or malicious content.

Where this strategy is not applicable, our legal and PR experts are on hand to mitigate any impact – funded by our ‘Reputation Guard’ insurance policy.

We remain proactive and vigilant from initial detection through to resolution, ensuring the very best outcome for your business and its reputation.

Post-event, we will advise, provide training and ongoing support to help you avoid, recognise and respond to any emerging future risks.



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