Losing your good name? Image tarnished? Get RiskEye.

3.5 billion people connected to the internet, it only takes one to damage your business. Online posts, videos and pictures can present risk. Find out how we can protect you today.

Why you need RiskEye to protect your online reputation.


Customers and other stakeholders continually assess your business online through multiple platforms, search engines and websites, with new posts coming online day and night. Fake, untrue or malicious posts can present serious risks that impact your business. We offer a complete, insurance-backed solution to help you identify and mitigate threats to your online reputation.



Threats don’t keep office hours.

Threats to online reputation can arise at any time, night or day.  RiskEye is ‘on watch’ for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will immediately alert you.


Risks can be complex.

We understand what a risk looks like, how it might develop and what the appropriate response is. Whether it’s fake, untrue or malicious, we are here to help.


Can any damage be repaired?

Yes, it can if caught quickly. Rapid escalation and the appropriate response ensures you’re effectively covered with insured protection behind you.



Protecting online reputation isn’t a part time job.

We understand risks you could miss on your own and we know what to do when risks arise.







Our complete insurance-backed protection package.





PR advice 24/7.

Not every threat requires an escalation, sometimes access to an informed opinion is all that you need.


Legal opinion.

The online world is legally complex and rapidly evolving, from defamation to employee rights.  Our legal experts are here to help.


Insurance-backed protection.

Knowing there is funding and expertise behind you to deal with any potential damage leaves you free to focus on your business.



Our service packages.


As well as the service packages below, we offer a range of custom services designed to meet a variety of potential requirements.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

"With RiskEye we’re now ensuring that the view people have of our hotel online is as polished and pristine as the view they get when they arrive at our door"


Sara Gibbs, Managing Director

The Swan Hotel & Spa, The Lake District, Cumbria.

“RiskEye have really helped us manage the way our hotel is perceived online. Everybody knows the power of customer reviews and comments, especially in the hospitality industry, but until RiskEye came in we didn’t really understand the scale of the impact it could have or how to manage it properly. With their help, we’re now ensuring that the view people have of our hotel online is as polished and pristine as the view they get when they arrive at our door.”


Sara Gibbs from The Swan Hotel & Spa


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